• Digital Incubator

    Apache incubates hundreds of major software projects and brings together thousands of developers – all without ensuing chaos. How do they manage it?

  • Lockdown

    We provide some important but often overlooked tips for securing your Android tablet.

  • Cross-Examination

    People applying for IT jobs should brace themselves for the popular interview question about the sticky bit in Unix operating systems. It certainly pays to know.

  • Ask Klaus

    Klaus addresses problems with Wheezy updates, Adobe Flash, dial-up settings, and mountpoint dates.

News and Articles

  • Dyreza Malware is Back

    Powerful man-in-the-middle attack is now targeting online shopping.

  • Kernel Developer Matthew Garrett Forks the Linux Kernel

    Another high-profile coder says the kernel team needs a kinder, gentler culture.

  • Crowd Supply Boosts Open Hardware

    A small crowdfunding site is helping to boost the growth of open hardware businesses.

  • Baby Shark

    If you need to browse through packets rushing by on the local network, Wireshark provides a useful service. But, if you prefer to build your own tools, why not use the command-line version, TShark, and a terminal-friendly Curses UI?

  • File Wizardry

    The Magic Rescue recovery utility saves corrupt or deleted files by reading a file's magic number.

  • Layout Master

    Despite its deceptively simple appearance, Scribus packs serious power. We can help you get started with this desktop publishing powerhouse.

  • On the DVD

    Ubuntu Studio 15.04 and Arch Linux 2015.09.01

  • Ask Klaus

    Klaus Knopper answers your Linux questions.

  • In Step

    Syncthing is a free alternative to BitTorrent Sync for synchronizing data on computers and mobile devices.

  • Share

    With a little planning and a few LibreOffice tricks, you can create one document that contains text customized for various end users.