• Better Builder

    Developers fed up with cryptic Makefiles should take a look at the new Meson build system, which is simple to operate, offers scripting capabilities, integrates external test tools, and supports Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

  • Data On the Go

    Almost all manufacturers of GPS devices use proprietary formats to save routes, tracks, and waypoints. Vendors unfortunately rarely offer Linux software for uploading and downloading or processing the data. Four GPS editors keep Linux users on the right track.

  • Open Wide

    Open Speech Initiative seeks to bring advanced speech processing to free software.

  • Virtuoso Layering

    For the past three years, 20 developers have been working on a revamped version of the KDE libraries. The alpha release appeared in February 2014 with many new features.

News and Articles

  • Truckin'

    The CubieTruck small-board PC is a measuring instrument that copes well with Gigabit networks and offers a surprisingly affordable and efficient solution.

  • Beyond the Silver Screen

    The online video store Netflix delivers video on demand to many countries. Although the service offers Linux-friendly HTML5 streams, you have to coax Netflix into actually serving them up.

  • News

    Updates on Technologies, Trends, and Tools

  • Central Exchange

    MediaGoblin lets users share movies, audio files, and other documents off the beaten track of popular platforms. In this article, we show admins how to integrate the application into a local network and examine whether it is a good replacement for YouTube, Flickr, and SoundCloud.

  • Pyramid of Doom

    Asynchronous program flow quickly degenerates into unreadable code if it lacks an overarching concept to provide structure. Fortunately, the JavaScript community has invented some functional tricks that also help tame asynchronous Perl code.

  • TOR Network Isn’t So Anonymous

    A new study says it is possible to unmask 81% of TOR users.

  • The League of Moveable Type

    The Free Font Movement is transforming free software, one character at a time.

  • .NET Goes Open Source

    Redmond joins the revolution by turning the .NET Core Runtime into a GitHub project.

  • Drupal Advisory Unleashes a Torrent of Attacks

    Users only had 7 hours to update before the intrusions started.

  • HTML5 Gets Promoted to a Standard

    It's official: The new web arrives