Debian Women Project Sponsors Online Debian Packaging Training

Nov 17, 2010

Want to know more about Debian Packaging, Git, Python Libraries and more? The Debian Women Project is sponsoring a series of online learning sessions on those topics.

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Wikipedia Annual Fund-Raising Campaign

Nov 16, 2010

Wikipedia Founder, Jimmy Wales, appeals to users for donations.

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SCALE 9x: CFP closes December 13

Nov 05, 2010

Speakers will be notified about their accepted talks by December 27.

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CeBIT Open Source 2011: Call for Projects

Nov 05, 2010

For the third consecutive year, CeBIT Open Source invites projects to Hannover, Germany. The conference organizers and Linux Pro Magazine invite open source projects to apply for free exhibit space at CeBIT Open Source 2011.

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Doghouse: Hack and Beer in Rio maddog goes to Rio for “Hack and Beer” and learns to appreciate the journey.

Oct 26, 2010

The little boy behind me was really excited about his first airplane trip. When the plane started to take off, he gave a very loud countdown to “blast off!” It was refreshing to hear that much enthusiasm, particularly because air travel has become a “magic elevator” for me. The doors close in one location and open in another, but I have little excitement in the journey, only the destination.

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Community Notebook Mentorship projects gear up for matchmaking

Oct 25, 2010

In our September issue, I wrote about mentors – specifically, how someone could find one.

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Linux Magazine DVD Inlay The Complete Linux Magazine Archive!

Sep 29, 2010

The complete history of Linux Magazine on DVD!

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Special 10-year anniversary DVD! The Complete Linux Magazine Archive

Sep 28, 2010

The Linux Magazine archive DVD included with this issue contains the complete history of Linux Magazine.

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