Open Source Enterprise Applications: Look Out, Here We Come!

Jun 24, 2009

Market research firm IDC just finished a study of open source enterprise applications with decision makers in 515 European organizations. The result: open source is undergoing market expansion in business applications.

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Multi-Touch for Qt Making Progress

May 22, 2009

Support for multi-touch in the Qt GUI toolkit is making visible progress, as demonstrated by the Qt development team on their blog.

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GIMP 2.6 Glimpse inside the new GIMP

Apr 30, 2009

GIMP 2.6 offers exciting improvements for graphics professionals and enthusiasts alike. With this latest release of GIMP, your imagination might just have found its new best friend.

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Fsniper Distributing files with Fsniper

Apr 30, 2009

Every day, computers are inundated with hundreds of files. Fsniper welcomes the new arrivals and processes them according to rules that you define.

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iFolder Releases Support for All Major Platforms

Apr 03, 2009

The wait is over for iFolder updates. Wider platform support and a number of significant additions should have the FOSS community moving forward again with the iFolder project.

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Save The ScreenSavers!

Apr 02, 2009

XScreenSaver is one of the most widely-used screensaver applications for Linux systems. The Debian project is seeking new maintainers to help keep the software running.

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Osmo Managing appointments and contacts with Osmo

Mar 31, 2009

Thanks to its compact interface, the Osmo PIM application is perfect for small screens. We help you make the most of Osmo.

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Workspace: FreeMind Getting the most out of FreeMind

Mar 29, 2009

Learn how to master the advanced features of the FreeMind mind-mapping application to get the most out of this useful tool.

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