Firefly Audio Streaming Firefly Music Server

Apr 01, 2007

The Firefly Media Server makes streaming music and Internet radio onto your home network for iTunes or Banshee clients as easy as pie.

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Rockbox The Rockbox firmware alternative for the iPod and other MP3 players

Mar 01, 2007

Rockbox firmware brings new features to the iPod and a few other MP3 players. We’ll show you how to install Rockbox on an iPod, and with a little tinkering, you'll have the ability to play Ogg Vorbis files, customize the user interface, and add plug-ins.

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Vnc2swf Screen Recorder Screen recording with Vnc2swf

Dec 01, 2006

If you want to offer visitors to your website more than a text-based howto, why not publish a video-based tutorial with Vnc2swf.

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Ask Klaus!

Nov 01, 2006
No Connection Thank you for the comments in the September 2006 Linux Magazine regarding my IBM R50e laptop. I have......
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Banshee Mono jukebox for the Gnome desktop

Jul 01, 2006

In Irish mythology, the banshee’s mourning call is heard when a member of the family is about to die. The Banshee tool on Linux makes noise too, but for a far happier purpose. This banshee helps you organize your musical collection.

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JACK audio server Exploring the JACK sound server system

Jun 01, 2006

The JACK audio server offers a professional sound alternative for the Linux desktop.

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Internet Radio Guide Favorite sites from the world of Internet radio

May 01, 2006

Take a tour of some favorite Internet radio sites from the experts at Linux New Media.

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Internet Radio Intro Tuning in the world of Internet radio

May 01, 2006

Did you think the Internet was out of revolutions? With Internet radio, anyone can be a broadcaster. If you want to start broadcasting or podcasting, or even if you're just looking for the perfect station, check out this month's Internet Radio cover story.

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