Edgefort 300 for Centralized and Decentralized Data Backup

Oct 08, 2007

The Edgefort 300 system integrates Arkeia's backup software with a hardware appliance that automatically backs up data to disk and tape.

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Ask Klaus!

Sep 30, 2006
Fedora Core 5 I recently installed the Fedora Core 5. I installed the productivity version on an AMD Athlon 1300 us......
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Ivman Building in hotplug with Ivman

Sep 30, 2006

Better knowledge of the Linux hotplug system opens the door to to innovation and automation. We’ll show you a custom backup solution for laptop computers.

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System Recovery with tar Using tar to prepare for an emergency

Aug 31, 2006

Use a tarball to restore your system in next to no time – without a complete re-install.

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Desktop RAID RAID options for the Linux desktop

May 31, 2006

Linux offers several options for fulfilling the RAID promise of fast hard disk access and data security.

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Deleting Data Safely deleting data

Feb 28, 2006

Backups are a common topic, but you’ll hardly hear anyone mention safe data deletion.

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Bacula Better backups with the daemon-based Bacula backup system

Jul 31, 2005

When backup jobs become too challenging for a script, the daemon-based free backup tool Bacula may be the answer.

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Admin Workshop: Backups with Rsync Insider Tips: Backup with Rsync and SSH

May 31, 2005

It is often inefficient to fire up a tape drive whenever you need to back up files or restore a backup. The Rsync tool pushes critical files to a second computer, where you can access them easily.

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