26C3: WikiLeaks to Conquer Iceland

Dec 30, 2009

The whistleblower project, protected by a cascade of tor servers, over the last months has made public a series of explosive documents. Now it wants to take a step further and plans a technical data model state in the north Atlantic.

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The Maker Web Project Helper

Dec 28, 2009

The Maker, a simple content management system (CMS) for websites, is available in version 1.0.

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Maarch Entreprise 1.0 Manages Digital Documents and Physical Archives

Dec 23, 2009

French company Maarch has released the first version of its free document management system.

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Novell Reorganizes

Dec 18, 2009

In January 2010 Novell will consolidate four business units down to two and eventually say farewell to managers Jeff Jaffee and Roger Levy.

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Fedora Will Make the Leap to Package Source Control System Git

Dec 18, 2009

During the FUDCon in Toronto, the Fedora team discussed changes to central infrastructure, among which the change to Git.

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SysUsage 3.0 Perl Tool in Thorough Rework

Dec 16, 2009

The SysUsage monitoring tool is available in a new version 3.0 and provides a completely reworked Web interface.

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APT2 to Accelerate Debian Package Installation

Dec 15, 2009

Debian and Ubuntu developer Julian Andres Klode has reported in his blog about the progress of his APT2 software, an alternative implementation of the Debian Advanced Packaging Tool (APT).

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GNOME: Split from GNU Project?

Dec 14, 2009

Richard Stallman's strong position against proprietary applications is butting heads with some members of the GNOME Foundation. A call to split with Stallman's GNU Project is being considered.

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