Deleting Data Safely deleting data

Mar 01, 2006

Backups are a common topic, but you’ll hardly hear anyone mention safe data deletion.

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Ask Klaus!

Feb 01, 2006
Are Gnome and KDE equal? Gnome and KDE are always presented as equal alternatives. Are they really equal, or are th......
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DM-Crypt Hard disk encryption with DM-Crypt, LUKS, and cryptsetup

Dec 01, 2005

If you’re serious about keeping secrets, try hard disk encryption with DM-Crypt and LUKS.

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Captive NTFS Accessing partitions on dual-boot systems

Aug 01, 2005

Why reboot every time you need to access data on the other side of your dual boot system? We’ll introduce you to Captive NTFS – a free tool for reaching Windows NTFS partitions from Linux. We’ll also show you some handy tools for reading Linux partitions from Windows.

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GMailFS GmailFS: Using a mail account as a filesystem

Jun 01, 2005

Why let a 2 Gigabyte email account go to waste? GmailFS lets you use Gmail as a storage medium for a mountable filesystem.

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Admin Workshop: Finding Files Insider Tips:F ind and Locate

Feb 01, 2005

Modern computers with their multiple Gigabyte hard disks store thousands of files. A lost file can cause a lot of work,and it can also pose a security risk. Fortunately,Linux has some versatile tools for finding those “lost files.”

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