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Article from Issue 56/2005

Free software covers such a diverse range of utilities, applications, and assorted projects that it is sometimes difficult to find the perfect tool. We pick the best of the bunch. This month we cover blogging – the latest buzz, the latest on the DPL elections, and more trouble at Debian.

The EU is entering the second round of the battle over software patents. While supporters have successfully had the directive passed by the EU Council of Ministers, opponents of patents are increasing the pressure prior to the second reading. The number of pages warning about the danger of software patents continues to grow. And it appears unlikely – although by no means impossible – that the European Parliament will pass the directive. Diaries All Round? More and more, communicative people have adopted the idea of using a blog to let other users share their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Blogs are typically edited in a browser. The blogging software on the server then creates a website to match the users' entries. Users who prefer to run their blogs on their own servers will need blogging software – luckily many free blogging applications are available.

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