Installing and Managing Gentoo Linux


Article from Issue 58/2005

Gentoo is a powerful and flexible Linux system that you can customize to fit perfectly into your environment. Our workshop describes how to set up Gentoo. We’ll also show you how to install and manage software on your Gentoo system with the popular Portage software management system.

For some users, the powerful Gentoo is the ideal Linux, but for many, Gentoo is an inaccessible system for the experts. Whatever your impressions of this daunting distro, once you know your way around, you'll find that Gentoo provides some very convenient tools that make the system as easy as any other Linux. Installation in 12 Steps Many users consider Gentoo Linux synonymous with “hard to install,” “a system for geeks,” or “unfriendly to newbies.” It is hard to deny that there is a smattering of truth in these prejudices, but even if you are new to Linux, it is still worth your while to investigate this young distribution. In this article, I will try to take the fear out of Gentoo [1].

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