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Article from Issue 61/2005

Free software covers such a diverse range of utilities, applications, and other assorted projects that it can be hard to find the perfect tool. We pick the best of the bunch. This month we look at IPodder, FreeBSD 6, and SynCE.

Podcasts are all the buzz – and not just since the latest version of Apple’s ITunes started to officially support these mobile soundbits. Many view the Podcast as a new generation radio. And this is hardly surprising. Podcasts really are a new kind of information broadcasting. Now, TV companies are looking into Podcasting news services. IPodder for Podcasts ITunes is available for Windows and Mac OS – but what about Linux? IPodder [1] is a free software tool that brings Podcasts to the Linux user’s ears. IPodder even runs on Windows and Mac OS X, thus recommending itself to people who use different platforms and would like a standardized GUI for Podcast management.

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