Staying ahead of Internet snoopers and con men


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Do you know enough to surf free of the liars and spies? We’ll show you how to stay ahead of the traps.

Surfing the web used to be easy – it all seemed so innocent. But today’s web is a different and darker place. If you click the wrong link, a gangster geek from across the planet may just put his hand in your pocket. Your best defense is to know the tricks and plan ahead. This month’s cover story looks at how to get around safely and privately on the Internet. We’ll start with a study of Pharming and Phishing – two dangerous techniques the bad guys use to get access to your personal and financial data. Then we’ll show you Tor and Privoxy – privacy tools that let you surf anonymously. And speaking of privacy – in our third cover story article, we’ll examine Antsp2p, a system that supports anonymous Internet file sharing.

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Read full article as PDF:

Safer_Surfing_Intro.pdf (316.67 kB)