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The letter you mention was actually called "Distros," and the author was looking for a recommendation on which Linux distribution to use. As we mentioned in our reply, we try to write for the whole Linux community, so it is hard for us to take sides on that question.

You are right that we didn't directly address his Broadcom wireless problem. Just to clarify: this Letters page is intended primarily for responses to articles and general commentary on the Linux community. We occasionally pass along a tip if we have it, but in general, if you have a troubleshooting question, send it to Klaus: mailto:klaus@linux-magazine.com.

Still, we always welcome input from insightful readers. Thank you for the followup information. We are happy to include it. I'm sure your letter will help many of our readers who are experiencing wireless problems.

Please send your comments and suggestions to <U>letters@linux-magazine.com<U>

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