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Two ready-to-go Linux-based servers make it easy to set up your home network.

If you want to add a Linux-based server to your home network, you have two options: build a server yourself using a spare machine or buy a ready-to-use solution. Choosing the ready-made option will save you a lot of hassle, but it leads to the perennial question: What Linux-based home server should you buy? At least two home server solutions deserve a closer look: Bubba Two from a Swedish company called Excito and TonidoPlug from Texas-based CodeLathe. But how good are they and can they meet your needs?

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  • Performance issues

    It's all very well that the tonido plug is power efficient but what is the transfer rate of these devices like. If its less than about 30mb/sec then they are useless for real world and wouldn't justify the expense.
  • What about the PlugComputer?

    This one has been around for years, it was the first plug computer I've seen.
    Made by Marvell it has evolved a lot.
    Check it put..
  • Amahi Server

    The article deals with ready-to-go Linux home servers. While Amahi is an excellent server solution, it doesn't fall under this category, hence it hasn't been covered in the article.
  • Amahi Home Server

    There is another great product out there... AMAHI! To install is as easy as 1, 2, 3... 1) Install Fedora 2) during install add the Amahi repo! and 3) enter an activation code from! The software sits on top of Fedora and allows the home user to utilize a heterogeneous mix of hardware. I have had various PC's repurposed to use Amahi all quite successfully. These Include a Dell Dimenstion 2400, Asus Pundit A1-PH2, and an old HP where the case was so banged up I couldn't tell what the model was but it worked great! My current custom rig is an AMD Phenom x3with 6GB of memory and a 1TB hardrive that I use as a home server and as a PVR running MythTV (which we have packaged as an app to be installed on the Amahi Home Digital Assistant).

    Amahi is great for a SOHO environment as well! We have packaged opensource software into our one click installer. Software includes VTiger, SugarCRM, vnStat, family Connections, and others!

    So if you have an old P3 or older computer laying around with 512MB of memory in it. Let it run Amahi and reclaim your network!
  • Home server

    Should have taken a look at, it is a great server for home and small business.
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