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Dmitri Popov
Brief Look at CloudFTP

Mar 29, 2012 GMT

I backed the CloudFTP project on Kickstarter with the pledge that secured me a CloudFTP unit which duly arrived shortly after the funding had been successfully completed. CloudFTP is a bit of a misnomer, as it hasn't much to do with cloud computing per se. In fact, this miniature Linux-powered device is designed to make any USB mass storage device accessible via a wireless connection. Plug a USB storage device (an external hard disk, USB stick, card reader, etc.), boot CloudFTP, and you can access the files and documents stored on any machine or mobile device via a custom HTML5-based web interface or using an FTP client. CloudFTP packs a 2600 mAh Lithium-Ion battery, so the device...
Easy Sharing with ShareNice

Mar 29, 2012 GMT

Social sharing buttons are de rigueur accessories these days, and there is a myriad of services that let you add sharing widgets to web pages free of charge.  But using these often allow third-parties to collect information about your visitors. If you don't find that thought all that appealing, consider using shareNice. This open source project offers "an ethical social sharing widget" for use on your website. Embedding the shareNice widget is as easy as pie. First, add the following JavaScript code to the web page: <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>Insert then the <div...
Build Instant Websites with Poole

Mar 28, 2012 GMT

What do instant coffee and Poole have in common? Both can be used to get a result in seconds. Put a teaspoon or two of instant coffee in a cup, add hot water, stir, and enjoy. Generating a website with Pool is almost as fast and easy. But before you put Poole to some practical use, make sure that Python 2.5 or higher and the python-markdown package are installed on your machine. Pull Pool from the project's Mercurial repository: hg clone ~/pooleOpen the ~/.bashrc file in a text editor and add the following line to it: export PATH=$PATH:~/pooleCreate a directory for your website and switch to it: mkdir ~/poolsite cd ~/poolsiteUse the commands...
Read RSS Feeds in the Terminal with Newsbeuter

Mar 27, 2012 GMT

When it comes to reading and managing RSS feeds in the terminal, Newsbeuter is hard to beat. It's easy to get to grips with, and it offers a handful of powerful features which let you juggle multiple RSS feeds with consummate ease. Newsbeuter can import existing feeds in the OPML format, so you don't have to start from scratch. The RSS reader features a flexible tagging system which lets you keep tabs on multiple feeds. The search feature lets you search through all downloaded articles, while the killfile functionality is useful for automatically removing unwanted RSS items. In addition to regular RSS feeds, Newsbeuter can handle file podcasts, so you can use the application as a...
Publish Pygmynote Snips on the Web

Mar 22, 2012 GMT

As you might already know, I use the Pygmynote script to track tasks, manage notes, and store important bits of information. Most of the time, I access the script from the terminal using an SSH connection. But there are situations when I need to quickly check certain Pygmynote entries from a web browser. To be able to do this, I cobbled together a simple PHP script that pulls records containing the snip tag and displays them as nicely formatted pages.You can downloaded the PHP script and the accompanying style.css file from the pygmynote GitHub repository. All the embellishments aside, the PHP script is simplicity itself. It uses the PDO driver to establish a connection to the...
GloboNote: A Sticky Notes Tool on Steroids

Mar 19, 2012 GMT

At first sight, GloboNote looks like yet another sticky notes tool. But this unassuming application has a few clever tricks up its sleeve. For starters, GloboNotes offers a handful of text formatting options, including bold, italics, and underlined. The utility allows you to organize notes into groups, and you can display and hide all notes belonging to a specific group in one go. GloboNotes also sports the ability to perform simple calculations directly in notes: type a calculation (e.g., 3+2=) and press F2 to view the result. In addition to that, the utility allows you to search across all existing notes as well as run find/replace actions on the currently active note. You can...
Quickly Move Files and Text Snippets between Machines Using Dukto

Mar 16, 2012 GMT

Dukto is a simple utility that can come in handy when you need to move files and text snippets between machines on your local network without relying on a third-party service. Dukto is ridiculously easy to use: install it (binaries are available for different Linux distros and platforms), launch it, and the utility automatically detects other machines running Dukto. You can then send a file or an entire folder to any recipient in the Buddies list. To do this, click on the desired recipient, and use the appropriate buttons to send files, folders, or text snippets. The sent files are copied to the recipient's default destination directory. When sending a text snippet, you can enter it...

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