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Dmitri Popov
Push Tabs with Firefox Sync

Oct 29, 2013 GMT

Firefox for Android has lots of nifty features, but there is one tool I find particularly useful. As you may know, the browser boasts a synchronization feature aptly named Firefox Sync. Usually, it sits in the background and quietly syncs bookmarks, history, passwords, and tabs across multiple devices. The clever part is that Firefox Sync integrates with Android's sharing functionality, which lets you push the currently opened website to another linked machine or device. You can put this feature to many practical uses. I use it as a "read-it-when-you're-back-home" tool. When I'm on the move, and I stumble upon an interesting web page, I push it to my production machine at home....
XnRetro: Vintage Photo Effects on the Linux Desktop

Oct 22, 2013 GMT

While there is no lack of image processing and photo retouching tools for the Linux desktop, your choices are somewhat limited when it comes to applying vintage effects to photos. digiKam allows you to emulate vintage effects to some degree, and there are a handful of GIMP plugins that can simulate a few popular retro looks. But if you are looking for a dedicated application which offers a wide range of vintage effects and tools in one easy to use package, then you might want to give XnRetro a try. While this application is not released as open source, it runs smoothly on Linux, and requires no installation. Grab the latest release of the application from the project's website, unpack the...
Whip Up Websites with HTML KickStart

Oct 21, 2013 GMT

Building even a simple website requires not only time, but also some design skills. Those of us who are short on both will appreciate HMTL KickStart, a simple solution based on HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript for rapid development of websites. This package comes with everything you need: from a basic page template to a variety of web elements like buttons, navigation menus, message boxes, tabs, and other goodies. Using the provided elements as building blocks, anyone with modest web skills can quickly deploy nice-looking and functional websites. Being relatively simple, HTML KickStart is easy to master. Download the package from the project's website, unpack it, and move the files in the...
Litewrite Notes App for Firefox: Perfect Mobile Litewrite Companion

Oct 17, 2013 GMT

Litewrite is a genuinely useful note-taking and drafting tool that has a lot going for it. The application has an unobtrusive interface which provides a distraction-free writing environment right inside your browser, you can easily manage multiple documents, and sync them across multiple machines via the remoteStorage-based protocol. The only fly in the ointment is the fact that Litewrite doesn't run well in Firefox for Android (or any other Android browser for that matter). Fortunately, the Litewrite notes app for Firefox solves this problem, which means that it's now possible to use Litewrite on Android directly from within the Firefox browser. To install Litewrite notes on Firefox for...
KrISS Feed: Self-Hosted RSS Reader

Oct 14, 2013 GMT

NewsBlur is undoubtedly an excellent open source RSS aggregator, but deploying it as a self-hosted solution is not for the faint of heart. In fact, if you want to host your own RSS agreggator you'd probably be better off opting for something less complicated both in terms of installation and functionality -- and the KrISS Reader fits the bill perfectly. Since the entire application consists of a single PHP file, deploying the application on your server is as easy as it gets. Grab the latest index.php file from the project's website and copy it into a separate folder (e.g., krissfeed) in your server's root directory. Make the directory writable using the chmod 777 -R krissfeed command and...
Create Geotagged Galleries in WordPress with Easy2Map Photos

Oct 09, 2013 GMT

If you want to publish geotagged photos on your WordPress-powered blog, you can do much worse than using Easy2Map Photos for the job. This plugin lets you generate sleek photo galleries from geotagged photos complete with a map and a marker pointing to the exact location where each photo was taken. Better still, the plugin can be used to map non-geotagged photos, too. When installed and activated, the plugin adds the dedicated Easy2MapPhotos section in the administration interface where you create and manage photo galleries. To create a new gallery, click on the Create New Photo Map link, give the gallery a descriptive name, and use the...
A Few Notes from LibreOffice Conference 2013

Oct 01, 2013 GMT

If you follow me on Google+, you probably already know that I had a chance to attend the LibreOffice conference held in Milan, Italy. I missed the previous couple of conferences, so it was nice to catch up with old friends and get updated on the current status of the project and its future. This year's conference followed the established tradition of splitting all talks in three tracks: developer, community, and ODF. As the name implies, talks in the latter tracks weren't limited to LibreOffice and covered the OpenDocument format (which is a cornerstone of the open source productivity suite). The developer-related talks offered seasoned developers and newcomers alike a chance to get down...

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