Appweb 3: Embedded Webserver with JavaScript Framework

Aug 25, 2009

The embedded webserver Appweb is available in version 3.0. The new release improves performance, introduces a server-side JavaScript framework and runs on more operating systems than ever before.

The significant addition to the Appweb application from Embedthis Software is its homegrown JavaScript framework, Ejscript. The server-side script language implementation complies with the ECMAScript 3 specification. It also supports the model/view/controller (MVC) paradigm and provides object-relational mapping (ORM) with the included SQLite database.

The developers also claim to have doubled the webserver's speed. Appweb 3 runs on Linux, Windows 7, Vista and XP, Mac OS X, VxWorks, Free BSD and Windows CE. The server uses as little as 800 KBytes memory so that it is perfect for embedded devices. The build system provides full cross-compilation support for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Supported processors are ARM, MIPS, x86/x86_64, PowerPC, SuperH and Sparc. Next to the newest Linux kernel 2.6, Appweb also supports Linux 2.4.

Appweb 3 provides numerous webserver functions such as CGI, PHP and SSL. The project page shows the list of features. The software is under GPLv2 and also a commercial license with support and a warranty. Binaries and source code are available for free download, with complete packages for Fedora/Red Hat and Debian/Ubuntu.

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