Bftpd 2.8: Anonymous Login Fixes and Zombie-Free

Apr 22, 2010

Bftpd, a simple FTP server, is available in version 2 with a number of bugfixes and enhancements.

The Bftpd project immediately addressed anonymous logins that were broken since a few releases back. The project also set anonymous logins to be disabled by default. The list command also now recognizes the -a option for viewing hidden files (if SHOW_HIDDEN_FILES was set up in the configuration file). Having several Bftpd sessions die at once also no longer creates zombie processes. The child processes are now cleaned up.

The project has made it its goal to produce an FTP server that is the easiest to install and configure. The server supports most FTP commands and can run under inetd or in standalone mode. It can also be run in a chroot environment and on read-only filesystems.

Bftpd 2.8 is under GPL as a source tarball ready for download. Mirrors are currently presenting some problems, so if the version 2.7 download should appear instead, go directly to

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