Bugzilla 3.4 Released

Jul 29, 2009

Mozilla's bug tracker Bugzilla is now available in version 3.4. and developers have worked hard on the major release to make life for the user a lot easier.

Besides now allowing log in from every page, a new front page has been designed to guide new users to their chosen activities.

Bug filing has also been simplified with a default setting hiding the majority of fields, that can then be viewed by clicking the “Show Advanced Fields” button and custom fields that only appear when other fields have certain values. A “See Also” button links to multiple bugs and supports Ubuntu's Launchpad.

A big performance improvement has been achieved by the introduction of asynchronous mailing. Mails can now be queued while a bug is updated and then sent in the background. Files will no longer show entire email addresses when the user is not logged in. Only the part before the “@” will be displayed.

Bugzilla 3.4 also recognizes time zones, allowing users to save personal settings with times being adjusted to show bugs in their own times but inputs will still run on Bugzilla's time.

Further details can be found in the release notes, together with information on upgrading from earlier versions. A demo installation is also available. The new release can, under Mozilla Public License (MPL) as Perl sourcecode, be downloaded here. As tarball or per CVS.

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