DVD Menus Under Control: QDVD-Author New Version 1.8.0

May 04, 2009

The DVD authoring software has been released in the new 1.8.0 version that promises to keep complex DVD menus under control.

It's been a while since Qdvdauthor forecast a new version of the DVD mastering software. Version 1.8.0 will help in creating menus for homemade DVDs. The program leans heavily on Ffmpeg, M/Player/ Mencoder and Dvdauthor.

According to QDVD developer Varol Okan's blog, the latest version also includes 25 bugfixes and a new DVDLayout tab (see graphic). This will enable a graphic display of the DVD menu structure. It shows which link leads to which subpage and if there is a way back. This could prove to be extremely helpful with complex menus.

A PrintPreview and a check box in the MovieDialog to Loop are included in the stable and more reliable software. The source code for the software is available for download here. Packages can be found here.

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