Foresight Linux with Gnome 2.20

Sep 20, 2007

Foresight Linux can claim to be the first Linux distribution with the latest Gnome desktop: Foresight 1.4 has just been released with Gnome 2.20.

The distribution also serves as the technology base for the Live CD that the Gnome project is using to demonstrate its latest desktop version.

Foresight Linux uses Gnome's integrated Epiphany Web browser and the Evolution groupware client, which has seen various enhancements thanks to the Gnome upgrade. The Linux distribution comes with the Dot-Net compatible Mono runtime environment, which it uses for various applications. It also includes the Banshee audio player, the F-Spot photo album, and the Beagle desktop search engine. Foresight uses the modern Conary package management system for software management.

The Foresight project's download page gives a useful overview of the installation media and available downloads.

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