Free Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04 Guide

Apr 30, 2010

The Ubuntu Manual Project, begun in 2009 by Benjamin Humphrey, is providing a free beginner's guide to Lucid Lynx being released today.

The richly illustrated 160-page PDF document is primarily targeted to Ubuntu and Linux beginners. Apart from explaining how to work with the network manager, Evolution mail, the Firefox browser and other apps, it includes chapters on the command line and security.

The Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04 guide explains, for example, how to configure a wired connection by using the network manager.

The guide is under a Creative Commons BY-SA license and is available as a free download from the manual homepage. Because of the licensing, it can be freely distributed and extended, so long as the same license is applied.

The project encourages contributors: authors, editors, translators, programmers and designers.

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