Microsoft Works on PHP and Open Source

Oct 27, 2008

Microsoft Corporation has opened an Open Source Interop Technology Center near Munich, Germany that should promote open source software on Windows and improve the relationship of its products with the free software community.

The first months of activities of the new entity near Munich are dedicated primarily to working on support for the PHP scripting language on Windows. In addition, the center is putting efforts into the Interoperability initiative of the Open Source Business Foundation (OSBF), the European open source network located in Nuremberg that also includes Red Hat and Novell among its members.

Leadership of the Interop Technology Center will be under Andreas Urban, who has the new position at Microsoft of Manager of Open Source Strategy. His boss is Andreas Hartl, Director of Platform Strategy. Responsible for coordinating the PHP work and communicating it to the PHP community is Pierre Joye at Microsoft's Open Source Technology Center in Redmond.

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