Mono 2.0 is Ready: Compilers for C# 3.0 and Visual Basic 8

Oct 07, 2008

The developers of Mono, the free implementation of the .NET framework, have achieved a major milestone with version 2.0.

A complete compiler for C# 3.0 and a compiler for Visual Basic 8 are among the highlights of the new Mono release. Among the APIs are Gtk# 2.12, a binding to the Gtk+ 2.1.2 and GNOME libraries, and Mono.Cairo, a binding to the Cairo Graphics library. Mono also includes Microsoft-compatible APIs such as ADO.NET 2.0 for database programs, ASP.NET 2.0 for web development and Windows.Forms 2.0 for desktop applications. The Mono 2.0 release notes go into further details.

Mono project leader Miguel de Icaza had offered full details on the C# 3.0 compiler in his blog.

The Mono open source project uses various licenses. The class libraries and the C# compiler are under the MIT X.11 license, while the runtime is under GNU LGPL and the SDK tools are under either the GNU GPL or MIT X.11 license.

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