Musical Talent: Songbird 1.2 has Landed

Jun 21, 2009

The new version automatically organizes music libraries and is fully integrative with iTunes.

Release of the media player was announced by Georges Aubereger on his blog. The focus of development was on the organization of libraries. Songbird orders music files into categories of artists, albums and singles, provided of course they are labelled with the correct ID3-metadata tags.

Playlists and tracks can be synchronised reciprocally. The Songbird collection can be transferred to an iPod and vice-verse. Last FM is now fully integrated with the option of bookmarking individual stations. The sound of tracks can be modified by a 10 band equalizer, long sought after by the community. Last but not least: Songbird will not crash as often as it did. The software's performance has been improved by the fact that 50% less jobs are running in the background. Search and delete functions also run much smoother.

A download is available from the official website. A roadmap for the August scheduled Songbird 1.3 (codenamed Jackson 5),can be previewed here. The release will concentrate on improving stability and performance and the support of external drivers.

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