Network Security Toolkit Gets General Overhaul

Sep 23, 2009

The Network Security Toolkit (NST), a live DVD with countless security tools, is available in version 2.11.0. Much of the work focused on the installation and update mechanisms.

To begin with, NST 2.11.0 packages all system and network security applications as RPMs in online repositories so that you can install them using programs such as


. Because the system uses a transparent filesystem, it can be expanded with post-installations in live environments.

The newly included


script geocodes output from traceroute in KML format so that Goggle Earth can render it. Two additional network content capture applications are




, the first for extracting graphic images off the Web, the second for extracting PDF and MS Word documents. Further package versions are described in the NST manifest.

NST 2.11.0 is based on Fedora 11 and is bootable off of DVD or USB media. It also includes a VMWare appliance. The image files are available on the project homepage under "Getting Started."

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