ODF-XSLT Processes Open Document Files

Jan 09, 2008

The ODF-XSLT project has released the first public version of its PHP software which processes Open Document Format (ODF) files.

The PHP 5 library can be bound to web applications or accessed at the command line. It uses ODF files as XSLT templates. Thanks to the Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) programming language, documents can be processed and manipulated on the basis of rules, for example to create mass mails or invoices.

Office document templates can be composed using programs that use the ODF ISO standard as their document format such as Open Office or KOffice.

Version 0.4 of ODF-XSLT is the first public release; it is licensed under the GPLv3. It requires PHP version 5.2 or newer, Libxslt and the XSL extension for PHP. The software is available as a source code archive on the project homepage.

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