OpenSUSE 1-Click Link Collection

Apr 08, 2009

A selection of categorized 1-click installers is now being displayed on the openSUSE community website.

The 1-click installer from openSUSE is a really cool invention. It enables openSUSE users to download dependency-heavy software without having to integrate new package sources. A single click on the link button with a ymp ending and YaST will collect the necessary repositories and initiate the software installation.

The only problem is the 1-click installers are spread over various websites. Now, the openSUSE community has placed a number of important installers on one page and arranged in different categories. So far, the collection contains installers for graphic cards (ATI and Nividia), multimedia codecs (VLC, codecs for Gnome and KDE) and for desktop-effects (Compiz Gnome and Compiz KDE).

The collection however, is by no means complete. Installers for mono applications like Gnome Do and Banshee are absent, as are the in openSUSE Build Service software portal integrated ymp files. If the collection is a one-off affair or if it is to be extended, remains to be seen, though the idea certainly makes a lot of sense.

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