OpenSuse 10.2: November Deadline for Updates

Oct 03, 2008

On the OpenSuse announcement board, Marcus Meissner stated that as of November 30. 2008, official support for OpenSuse 10.2 will end. After that, Novell/the OpenSuse Project will provide no further security updates for Version 10.2.

Anyone looking for the OpenSuse 10.2 distribution on the Suse FTP servers after this date will find the file: /pub/suse/discontinued, although to save space, the file will be unavailable on most mirrors. The update file: /pub/suse/update/10.2, will also lead to: /pub/suse/discontinued, once the last updates have been released.

Unlike its Enterprise products, for which Novell promises at least five years support, maintenance for OpenSuse versions terminates two years after publication. OpenSuse 10.2 began in November 2006. Support for version 10.3 will run until October 31., and the latest version, 11.0 will have Novell support until June 30. 2010.

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