Parted Magic 4.9: New Device Names

Mar 23, 2010

Parted Magic, a Live Linux with programs for partitioning and data rescue, is available in version 4.9. Apart from bug fixes, it includes a few new features.

One of the major changes to Parted Magic affect the kernel, which the developers rid of the old IDE drivers. The most noticeable consequence to users is that the hard drives are no longer named /dev/hd*, but rather /dev/sd*, and CDs and DVDs were renamed /dev/sr*. Support for Virtio hard disk drivers was also added.

Among the new applications, Google Chrome was replaced by its open source Chromium version, and added were the mhdd low-level diagnostic tool, the elinks text browser and the zsync synchronization program.

Parted Magic 4.9 can be downloaded as images for CDs and USB sticks as well as for booting via PXE and GRUB4DOS.

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