Pimp Your Nautilus: NScripts 3.6

Oct 30, 2009

Not long after the release of GNOME 2.8 comes a new version of NScripts. Included are a handful of new ease-of-use functions for GNOME's Nautilus data manager.

Users can access the new Nautilus functions in NScripts by unpacking the tar.gz archive from the Freshmeat webpage and moving the resulting folders and files to the ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/ directory. The Nautilus menu will then get a Scripts entry providing access to further menu items for file operations.

NScripts provides file copying and moving, MD5 checksum proofing and creation, diffs of selected files, menu item creation for favorite files and opening multiple scripts in an editor. In short, NScripts simplifies administrative tasks for scripts. Not least of all, NScripts provides a shredder for ultimate purging of files.

A note to users of previous versions is that NScripts 3.6 provides no significant new functions. Developers rather concentrated on fixing bugs and stabilizing and cleaning code. One change, however, is that test requests use the -e parameter instead of -a. The software also now checks whether gksu is installed before executing root functions.

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