Previews of MySQL 5.4 and MySQL Cluster 7.0

Apr 22, 2009

Sun Microsystems is previewing its upcoming MySQL 5.4 and MySQL Cluster 7.0 database products.

The new releases announcement occurred at the MySQL Conference & Expo 2009 that Sun ran April 20-23 in Santa Clara CA. The fate of the releases, however, is still unsure because of the recent Oracle buyout.

For the MysQL 5.4 server Sun promises better scalability: the InnoDB storage engine can scale up to 16-way x86 servers and 64-way CMT (chip multithreading) servers. Next to that, the query response time should be 90% faster. Sun's website provides some benchmark results.

Sun also provides download of its MySQL 5.4 Community Edition, including packages for 64-bit Linux and Solaris and source code for the GPLv2 licensed software. In the course of the year the final version should become available based on feedback from the preview phase.

MySQL Cluster 7.0 should also get its finishing touches during Q2 2009 and should allow dynamic cluster configuration. Cluster availability should achieve 99.999% and, according to the company, anticipated response times should be in the milliseconds for a few ten thousands of operations per second. The cluster also supports popular LDAP directories.

The current MySQL Cluster 7.0.5 is ready for RHEL, SuSE Linux and Solaris download. An online upgrade from version 6.3 should come end of April with the release of 7.0.6.

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