Samba 4.0 Released

Dec 13, 2012

The Samba team announces Samba 4.0 – the latest version of the free software file, print, and authentication server suite designed for compatibility with Windows networks.

Samba 4.0 comprises an LDAP directory server, Heimdal Kerberos authentication server, a secure Dynamic DNS server, and implementations of all necessary remote procedure calls for Active Directory. According to the announcement, Samba 4.0 provides everything needed to serve as an Active Directory Compatible Domain Controller for all versions of Microsoft Windows clients currently supported by Microsoft, including Windows 8. Samba 4.0 supports the server-side of the Active Directory logon environment used by Windows 2000 and later.

The Samba 4.0 Active Directory Compatible Server also provides support for Windows Administration tools and integrates with Microsoft Exchange and free software compatible services, such as OpenChange. The Domain Controller implementation includes a built-in LDAP server and Kerberos Key Distribution Center. Samba 4.0 also features a modular “Virtual File System” (VFS) interface that can be used for customizing Samba without modifying the core Samba code.

Samba is widely used for Windows file serving on Linux and Unix platforms and in embedded network-attached storage solutions. Samba is fully IPv6-enabled and is licensed under the GNU General Public License. The Samba 4.0 source code can be downloaded from

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