Sun Servers with Flash Solid State Disks

Mar 13, 2009

Sun Microsystems has now come out with a series of Flash-powered servers and storage devices.

Sun has released its T6320/40 and X6240/6450 series of blade servers with speedy Flash solid state disks (SSDs). Even the series T51xx/52xx/54xx SPARC and Fire series X41xx/42xx/44xx servers have SSDs, along with additional storage expansion arrays and unified storage devices.

Not all product prices are established, but the Sun Flash Storage page has the Fire X4150 at $2,035 and the X6250 blade module at $3,240. All system are available on a try-and-buy basis that gives a 60-day free trial period.

Sun's Flash Storage overview page also provides a Flash Analyzer download that should help in measuring Flash system performance. Its free Java software license doesn't allow for adding or distributing classes, but is for commercial use.

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