Tea 26.0.0 Editor Can Handle Lua, Perl and Vala

Oct 02, 2009

Tea, a source code editor for HTML, DocBook and Latex, is now available in version 26.0.0. The new release includes support for more programming languages and new features.

The Qt4-based editor can now handle syntax highlighting for Lua, Perl and Vala. Tea can also be built with the Hunspell spell checker along with Aspell.

Other enhancements include search-and-replace in all opened files and functions that find obsolete paths in bookmarks. Developers that package Tea for distros will be happy to know that the installation path for the binary file can now be specified.

Further details on Tea 26.0.0, licensed under GPLv3, are on the project homepage. Downloads are available for source code, Linux binary and Windows program.

The Tea open source editor can handle UTF-8 and mixed encoding.

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