VMware Server 2 Enters Beta Test Phase

Nov 13, 2007

The official test phase for VMware Server 2 by virtualization specialists VMware has now started. The final version is due for release in 2008 and will be free of charge.

By introducing the free VMware Server, VMware seeks to expand its support and infrastructural business. The VMware Server 2 beta is available here; users are expected to register.

The initial version of VMware Server was downloaded 3 million times, according to the vendor. The new features in version 2 include a web-based administrative front-end, and extended operating system supported. Supported platforms include Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 (Beta), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and Ubuntu 7.10. VMware Server 2 supports the Virtual Machine Interface (VMI), USB 2.0, up to 8GB RAM per virtual machine and up to two virtual SMP processors. 64 bit guest operating systems are also supported on 64 bit compatible CPUs.

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