Zope 3.4 Now Egg-Based

Feb 05, 2009

The new version of the Python content management system (CMS) has split its source code into separate packages, called eggs.

The separation of Zope sources into eggs should provide users and developers more independence, hence a new download version with so-called known good sets (KGSs). A KGS is a configuration of packages proven to work well together. Along with this the Zope Foundation made a "renewed commitment" to update its CMS every six months.

New to Zope is also the jquery JavaScript library that simplifies HTML page interactions, such as text windows at a mouse click, for which the jQuery website provides an example. The library comes under MIT or GPL licensing. Zope 3.4 includes a Python-layer package for jquery.

The new Zope requires Python 2.4 or 3.5 to run and zlib installed. The download package on the new KGS webpage takes up about 7 MBytes, with an additional source version. Zope 3.4 contains a few BSD-licensed modules and is under Zope Public License (ZPL), which is GPL-compatible to allow redistribution with a retained copyright notice and change notification.

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