Emulating classic gaming consoles on Fedora Linux

Ancient Heroes

© Lead Image © Ekaterini Giannoutsou, 123RF.com

© Lead Image © Ekaterini Giannoutsou, 123RF.com


Many computer games from the 1980s and 1990s enjoy cult status. Graphics and sound were not very advanced back then, which forced the producers to impress gamers with good ideas and a convincing level of design. Emulators let you run those classic games on a Linux PC.

If you wanted to play video games 25 years ago, you would typically attach a small box to the TV in the family living room. It was either a game console or a handy home computer, and you used a gamepad or joystick as a controller. With the right software, you can do all this and more in Fedora: Fans can even try those old DOS games again.

Play Time

Thirty years ago, PCs with the then-popular MS-DOS operating system did not really feel as if they were made for fun. However, resourceful games developers tweaked the limited graphical capabilities to the max, and over the years the current graphics cards increasingly displayed more colors. Millions of people spent many hours trying to save the world in the Commander Keen platform game, or they engaged in dangerous battles in Doom. Now, DOSbox lets Linux run DOS games.

You can install DOSbox by clicking on the graphical package manager in Fedora. Before starting, however, it makes sense to create a subfolder in your own home directory (e.g., mkdir ~/dosgames/), to which you then copy the desired games.


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