Sun Puts OpenSolaris on Multimedia Course

Mar 30, 2009

The free OpenSolaris UNIX derivative from Sun has not exactly been known for its multimedia capabilities. This should soon change.

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Two-Class Community: to Start Charging Users

Mar 25, 2009

The free music portal is known for offering worldwide users an unlimited array of Internet radio options. Now, certain users will have to pay three bucks a month.

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Sing into Spring: Songbird in Version 1.1

Mar 17, 2009

The Songbird music player is now out as version 1.1. Next to some normalization enhancements, the free software includes a watch folders feature and optimized album cover downloads.

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Multimedia and the Kernel Multimedia Support in the Linux Kernel

Feb 28, 2009

We'll show you how to tune up your Linux system for multimedia applications.

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Lean and Mean Bug Killer: Amarok 2.0.1

Jan 09, 2009

Amarok's version 2.0.1 kills 33 bugs and, thanks to numerous improvements, needs a lot less RAM.

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Practical Ruby Projects Chapter 2: Making Music with Ruby

Dec 21, 2008

Learn advanced programming techniques and explore Ruby’s full potential through a varied series of exciting projects

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Amarok 2 Makes Fresh Start for KDE4

Dec 11, 2008

Two years ago the development team of the popular Amarok audio player for KDE put themselves to work. A few days ago they released version 2 to rock the world.

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Songbird 1.0 Takes Flight

Dec 04, 2008

After many years of development, the Songbird open source software is finally released as version 1.0.

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