Sage Classic Line 2008 collaborates with Collax Linux Server

Aug 06, 2007

The new Sage Classic Line 2008 ERP solution now runs on the Collax Solution Platform based on a Linux server.

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O3Spaces Extending

Jun 30, 2007

Microsoft has been quite successful with pushing its SharePoint technology as a means for supporting document collaboration and version control. Until now, no direct competitors have come up with a viable alternative to SharePoint, but O3Spaces is about to change that.

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Recoll Finding files with Recoll

May 31, 2007

Whether you’re looking for a letter to the Internal Revenue Service or an email from an online trader, the Recoll desktop search machine will help you find it with just a few mouse clicks.

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KTools: Krecipes Create a KDE-based recipe database

Apr 30, 2007

Balance your diet with a recipe database that serves up a healthy dose of KDE in your kitchen.

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KTools: Spam Filter Removing spam mail with CRM114 and KMail

Mar 31, 2007

The CRM114 filter program, which is integrated with KMail, helps fight spam in POP3 and IMAP mailboxes. Because this flexible filter does not require server-side changes, it is a good choice for users without root access to their mail servers.

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OpenDocument Intro^ OpenDocument and the office experience

Jan 31, 2007

OpenDocument format offers a new approach to data storage and document exchange for office applications. But what does ODF mean for the user? What’s inside an ODF file? How portable is ODF? We examine these questions in this month’s cover story.

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Fish Shell The Fish shell simplifies the console

Nov 30, 2006

The Fish shell offers some user-friendly features for command line beginners.

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KTools: KAlarm Keep your appointments on schedule with KAlarm

Nov 30, 2006

KAlarm is a lean alternative calendar program. You can use this handy alarm clock as an easy-to-use replacement for cron.

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