Working with the Skippy Screen Pager


Article from Issue 52/2005

If your window manager is too boring or Spartan for your liking, why not add a touch of pep? Skippy is an imaginative screen pager with an integrated preview function.

Almost any window manager will

give you a window list, displaying

a menu with the active windows

when you click or press the right

key. If the programmer who developed

the window manager has a soft spot for

graphical gimmicks, the list might add

icons to the program names. But a window

chooser will not speed up the

process of switching between windows

if you are working with a selection of

different browsers and terminal windows.

Skippy [1] by Hyriand to the rescue:

instead of giving you a simple list,

Skippy displays the active application

windows graphically in full-screen



Window managers have different

approaches to handling active windows,

and Skippy is choosy about the managers

it supports. To ensure that you will

be able to switch between GUI-based

programs, you need a Gnome- or

NetWM-compatible window manager,

such as Waimea. The homepage for the

window manager or a quick glance at

the Readme file supplied with the manager

should tell you if this is the case.

Also, the Skippy developers have a list of

window managers that Skippy supports

on the project homepage. Supported

managers include Fluxbox 0.9.9,

XFWM4 icewm and WindowMaker.

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