The sys admin’s daily grind: WebCalendar


Article from Issue 85/2007

If you are like me and have a selective memory, your laptop, mobile phone, and WebCalendar can help you keep track of your schedule. Like most other effective remedies, this solution has a couple of strange side effects.

My memory has a strange sense of priority if I need to remember things for more than a couple of minutes. I can quote whole pages from books I read 20 years ago, which is useful for impressing people at parties, but I quickly forget phone numbers – including my own. In contrast, IP addresses are no problem at all, but doctor’s appointments or birthdays just run through my memory sieve like water. If I miss out on karate training for a couple of weeks, I have to go to the Dojo’s website to check the opening hours, and if I call my stylist for a trim, somebody else might get a haircut during the appointment I forget.

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