Wikipedia Raises 6.2 Million Dollars

Jan 05, 2009

Thanks to contributions of $6.2 million, the financial future of the free encyclopedia Wikipedia in 2009 is secured.

The record donations have surpassed the $6 million expectations of the Wikipedia Foundation, the non-profit body behind the free project, with a personal appeal by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales back in December rousing a huge amount of support. Shortly before the end of last year, concerns were high at Wikipedia that their financial goal would not be reached. This caused Wales to make his personal call for financial help, which was placed on the Wikipedia website instead of the usual donation plea banner. In the nine days that followed, 50.000 donations at a value of over $2 million had been pledged. By Jan 2, over 125.000 individual donors had contributed to the final sum of a good $6.2 million, making the campaign in the words of the Organization, "the most ambitious and successful campaign in the history of the Foundation."

Graphics Budget 2008/2009
Planning for the financial year 2008/2009.

With the fiscal year 2008/2009 ending on June 30, 2009, Wikipedia's financial needs are estimated at 5.974.000 USD. The money will be used to maintain and further develop the Foundation's technical infrastructure, secure the employment of its 23 permanent employees and helps to cover the cost of Wikipedia Academies and in-person workshops. "You have proven that Wikipedia matters to you, and that you support our mission: to bring free knowledge to the planet, free of charge and free of advertising." says Wales in his thank-you message. All donations over $6 million will be put in a reserve fund to offset operating costs beyond the current fiscal year.

The Foundation website explains exactly how the revenue will be spent. The financial report will be automatically sent to donors by email as soon as it's available. The report for 2007/2008 can also be viewed on the website.

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