Configuring Linux for a Bluetooth stereo headset


Article from Issue 80/2007

We’ll show you how to set up support for a Bluetooth stereo headset.

Many Linux users enjoy listening to music through audio players such as XMMS, Amarok, and Kaffeine. These players typically output sound to speakers or headphones attached directly to the computer. If you prefer the headphone option, and if you are the kind of listener who needs room to dance, you might want to consider using a wireless Bluetooth headset. Low-fidelity wireless headsets for two way radios and telephones have been on the market for years, but Bluetooth-based wireless stereo is a more recent phenomenon. Many operating systems do not provide built-in support for Bluetooth stereo, relying instead on thirdparty tools. Linux, on the other hand, really does let you directly configure your system to support a Bluetooth stereo headset.

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