Exploring the world of Ubuntu 8.10


If you’ve been around IT for the past few years, you probably already know about Ubuntu. Recently, even casual home users are getting the word. Ubuntu is Linux, and Linux is a safe, secure operating system that is absolutely free. The Ubuntu project is built with the goal of making Linux accessible to everybody – a clear, comfortable desktop system that sets up easily and offers the full range of features available with closed, commercial systems. You won’t find Windows or Mac OS attached to a magazine – like the DVD you see opposite this page. But the cost of the operating system is only the beginning. What else is running on your system? Photoshop? Quicken? An office suite? The price for just these three tools alone could easily be more than US$1000, and later you might spend even more for an upgrade.

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    Intrepid Ibex, the codename for Ubuntu 8.10, has today finally reached the pinnacle, without hesitation. Although the new version of the popular Linux distribution hasn't won any new altitude records, it still brings along a number of interesting features to make life easier for users and
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    The upcoming Ubuntu 8.10, alias Intrepid Ibex, is now in beta.

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    The pending release of Ubuntu 8.10 was announced by Steve Langasek last night. The Ubuntu team is confident the latest candidate, codenamed Intrepid Ibex, is stable enough to be used without risk.

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    Just a month after the release of Ubuntu 8.10, the first alpha of Ubuntu 9.04 has become available. The next distro version should boot more quickly, require less power, integrate more web services and include a backup solution.

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