Oracle Promises EU Concessions for a Free MySQL

Dec 14, 2009

Oracle is aiming for more transparency in the debate about the future of the databank MySQL and the pending investigation by the European Commission.

Since its takeover of Sun, Oracle has found itself in a dispute with the EU Commission. In a ten point plan, Oracle has set out proposals regarding the maintenance and continued no-cost availability of the MySQL database.

The Commission had voiced serious misgivings concerning the takeover and the possibility that Oracle could neglect MySQL in favor of its own database products.

The ten point plan is designed to fend off the Commission's suspicions of competition infringements. The plan contains concessions regarding the Storage Engine API and assurances that third parties who have purchased commercial licenses from Sun will be offered the same conditions.

The database specialists also promise to further enhance MySQL under the GPL, and have said there will be no commercial version without a free equivalent.

The EU Commission responded favorably on Monday, and confirmed that it has now entered into a constructive discussion with Oracle.

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