Palm Waives App Submission Fee for Developers

Jun 30, 2010

No more fees and new promotions both hope to stimulate the Linux-based webOS ecosystem.


In an effort to boost webOS app development, Palm dropped its US$ 50-per-app fee required to get an app featured in Palm's official app catalog. Palm is also retroactively refunding any US$ 50 fee accrued during webOS development.


This announcement comes at the end of the Summer Half Off promotion another Palm announcement, which distributed US$ 1 million to more than 400 developers while cutting app prices for consumers by 50 percent. In July, Palm has plans for a new PDK Hot Apps promotion, which will distribute another US$ 1 million to developers, with an emphasis on C/C++ apps that were ineligible for the previous Hot Apps promotion.


Whether this will boost development to the Linux-based webOS app store, is uncertain. But it's certainly good news for developers already creating apps for the mobile OS or those interested in the platform.

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