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Defragmenting Linux

Optimizing data organization on disk


Defragfs optimizes files on a system, allowing videos to load faster and large archives to open in the blink of an eye.

Is Wayland the New X?

Looking into the Future of Display Server Protocols


Display server expert Daniel Stone explains what is really happening with the future of graphical display protocols on Linux.

Extension Watch: Vimify Google Chrome and Chromium with Vimium

Productivity Sauce


VMware monitoring with OpenNMS


Virtualization with the Proxmox Virtual Environment 2.2

COVER STORIES: Virtualization Control Room

Virtual desktops in your web browser with phpVirtualBox

COVER STORIES: Remote Control

Understanding the transitory /proc filesystem

LINUXUSER: Due Processes

Firefox Extensions

Getting More from Firefox


Firefox features many high-quality extensions to help improve productivity, protect your privacy, and more.

What’s new in Apache HTTP Server, version 2.4

SYSADMIN: Now Serving

A Perl tool for querying distribution repositories

PROGRAMMING: Analysis Machine

Issue 30: Getting Started with Linux/Special Editions

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