Linux Professional Institute

Customizing file formats with unoconv

IN-DEPTH: Flexible Import/Export free

More Lust for Load

IN-DEPTH: Charly's Column – Tsung free


IN-DEPTH: Charly's Column – Smorgasbord free

The sys admin's daily grind: inxi

IN-DEPTH: Info Tubbies free

Convenient system clean-up with Stacer

IN-DEPTH: Janitorial Services free

Tools for reconstructing deleted data

REVIEWS: Rescue Mission free

diff and merge

IN-DEPTH: Repurposing Old Tools free


IN-DEPTH: Charly's Column – Rclone free

LINUX VOICE: Ranger: Lightning Fast File Management free

Tales from the crypt commands

IN-DEPTH: Basic File Encryption free

Issue 226/2019

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