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Generate HTML Photo Gallery in a Pinch with llgal

Productivity Sauce


ELFkickers 3.0 Announced After 10-Year Hiatus


WebODF: OpenDocument File Viewer for Android


Keeping up with the Kernel

NEWS: Zack's Kernel News

Linux accessibility

COMMUNITY NOTEBOOK: Projects on the Move

Owning your own stuff

SYSADMIN: Jailbreak

Calendar-related crontab issues

SYSADMIN: crontab Hazards

Serendipitous Flattr-y

COMMUNITY NOTEBOOK: Open Pocketbook: Flattr

Zero Install Reaches Version 1.0


Programmable Blinky Lights, DIY Desktop Fab and 3D Printing, Arduino Boards

COMMUNITY NOTEBOOK: Projects on the Move: MiniPOV, Contraptor, Arduino

Issue 31: Linux Shell Handbook 9th Ed./Special Editions

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