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Event report: Velocity 2009

State of the Web


O'Reilly's Velocity Conference, held June 22-24 in San Jose, California, was one of the most relevant conferences on the state of the Web.

Meeting the President of Brazil at FISL 10

FISL 10.0 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, included a visit from a special guest.


FISL 10.0 in Porto Alegre, Brazil was the best yet, for many reasons. For a long time I have been impressed with how the FISL organizers (most, if not all of which are volunteers) have brought together government, industry and the community to put on an ever-larger and more complex event.

OSCON 2009 Keynotes (#oscon)

ROSE Blog: Rikki's Open Source Exchange


An up-to-date overview of free software and its makers

COMMUNITY NOTEBOOK: Projects on the Move

Open Source Bridge 2009 Underway

ROSE Blog: Rikki's Open Source Exchange


Upcoming events, reports, and sightings

ROSE Blog: Rikki's Open Source Exchange


Economical Training

ROSE Blog: Rikki's Open Source Exchange


Quality software engineering


Getting More Women Involved in Open Source

ROSE Blog: Rikki's Open Source Exchange


Patents, Protests, Plebiscites, and Protecting your freedom

Lunch with Richard Stallman


When he attended a rally in Munich this month, Richard Stallman took time out of his busy schedule to talk with our News Editor, Britta Wülfing. The conversation covered everything from Software as a Service, to patents, protests, international politics, and protecting your freedom.

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